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Existence 3/2017

Existence 3/2017

The theme of the summer issue of Existence is “We Need Utopias”. In our opinion, imagination is essential to any resistance against authority or struggle for a better society. (more)

Existence 3/2016

Existence 3/2016

In the summer issue of the Existence magazine we decided to focus on TTIP – The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. This secretly prepared agreement between the United States and the European Union we perceive as one of the major attacks of the business… (more)

Existence 2/2016

Existence 2/2016

The past year in Czechia could be characterised by a surge of fear and hatred, especially against people fleeing away from war and poverty. Despite the fact that this issue does not greatly apply to Czechia, similar situation is visible in all the Central… (more)

Statement of Klinika collective about attack on the autonomous social centre

Neonazis attacked Klinika. One person was hurt, others were in danger. Activists assume there's a link between islamophobic demonstrations that were held today and visited by thousands of people. Klinika collective is not afraid and is going to continue its activities. Klinika also calls on people attending such demonstrations to realize whom they are supporting by doing that. (more)


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