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Ukraine calling again

Call for support of the Belarusian battle medic defending Ukraine


As the war in Ukraine moves into its next phase, and fierce attrition battle rage in Donbas, local anarchists and anti-fascists continue to rally their forces in defiance of Putin's imperialist invasion. The Operation Solidarity platform remains dedicated not only to helping Ukrainian anti-authoritarians associated with the armed territorial defence forces, but also to humanitarian work. Newly on Telegram, it called for support for a friendly medic going to the frontline.

On the photos below is our comrade, Artur Kondratovich during his journey to Chernihiv. Last months he had been organizing logistics and delivery of humanitarian help to people and animals in Kyiv & Chernihiv’ regions who became war victims.

Also he is a Belarus activist, one of the members of “Revolutionary Action case”, he is in the wanted list of Interpol (thanks to Lukashenko’s regiment) and political refugee in Ukraine from 2017 where the secret service tried to departure him. But, for himself he chose to help our country and people, so he became a battle medic in “Hospitaliers”. He got through the fast course and soon he will go to Donbas.

Right now Artur & his unit has unsolved needs so he asked to organize the fundraising for them. They need bullets, modificators for weapons, some additional equipment and cloths.

If you want to support Artur, you can donate him directly through PayPal:

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