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Medical Self-Defense Network

Support our friends who provide medical assistance in crisis areas.


Medical Self-Defense Network (MSDN) is a group of people from different parts of the world with various professional backgrounds, skills and experiences including working as medics, paramedics or in traditional public health care.

We want to connect with groups focusing on herbalism and natural medicine as well as other local medical groups and networks and are open to learn different approaches to health and self-defense.

If we see society like a tree, then health is the root system – a foundation of life – essential for every living being. To heal means to connect with people and to build communities of mutual trust. Therefore, healing, medicine and free access to them are key pillars of communitarian self-defense. That is our aim in building Medical Self-Defense Network.

We understand healing as holistic and include the importance of physiological, emotional and mental well being. We aim to develop methods and tools to take this into account on an individual as well as on a collective level and cultivate solidarity in the medical field as well as other aspects of life.

What do we do
Medical Self-Defense Network organize seminars, give educations, gather resources and organize fundings to acquire medical equipment supporting communities, local health structures and people’s self-defense with a foundation and spirit of trust and mutual learning.

We are coordinating medical projects in different places – mainly Europe, North America and North East Syria, where among other projects, we provide first response on the field and medical assistance in hospitals and refugee camps. Now we are beginning to collaborate on local production of 3D printed tourniquets.

Check out our blog for the latest news on our work in Ukraine.

In the meantime, you can follow us on the website listed above and on Twitter:

If you are interested in our work and would like to support it by participating, please contact us at

Support us financially
Donations are the main basis for funding our work and the equipment we need.
Crypto addresses:




How to support from your bank account

Meanwhile we work on more convenient solution, please use It is easy done in a few steps:

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    In “You get” field, choose Bitcoin and click on “Place order”.
    Chose if you want to make account or continue as a guest (limit 900EUR), click on “continue”.
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    Enter your IBAN and your name.
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    Settle the payment via your payment method.

If you are used to using QR codes, you can find them HERE.

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