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Existence 1/2018

Existence 1/2018

Last year the winter edition of the anarchist revue Existence was delayed by a month due to the preparation of its new graphics. This year we are two months behind because we simply took our time and didn’t rush the process. Because of… (more)

Existence 3/2017

Existence 3/2017

The theme of the summer issue of Existence is “We Need Utopias”. In our opinion, imagination is essential to any resistance against authority or struggle for a better society. (more)


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F&Q Tábor

31. 8. - 2. 9. 2018, Tábor

Zveme vás na setkání queer lidí a těch, kdo sympatizují s queer tématikou. Na setkání všech, kdo žerou feminismus, i těch, kdo se nebojí stát u táboráku s feministkama a žvejkat s nima veganský buřty. …(more)

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