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Existence 1/2019

Existence 1/2019

In its winter issue of 2019, the anarchist review Existence has set out for Mexico. We are remembering the 25th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising. However, this is not a historic topic as was the case with the previous issues dealing with the Russian… (more)

Existence 2/2018

Existence 2/2018

The summer issue of the anarchist review Existence is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the revolutionary events of 1968. Traditionally, in the Czech Republic this year is remembered in connection with the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies; little attention, however, is given… (more)

Existence 1/2018

Existence 1/2018

Last year the winter edition of the anarchist revue Existence was delayed by a month due to the preparation of its new graphics. This year we are two months behind because we simply took our time and didn’t rush the process. Because of… (more)

Existence 3/2017

Existence 3/2017

The theme of the summer issue of Existence is “We Need Utopias”. In our opinion, imagination is essential to any resistance against authority or struggle for a better society. (more)


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Lidovka pro Guerilla Gardening

21. 10. 2019, Praha

Lidová kuchyně na Salé! Bulgur s tofu a zeleninou, jako dezert sladká palačinka. To chceš !! Porce za dobrovolný příspěvek (doporučených 80-100 Kč) - veškerý výtěžek bude použit na aktivity a přímé akce Guerilla Gardening aneb zahradničení bez státu. …(more)

Social Screenings: Elena (2011, Andrey Zvyagintsev)

30. 10. 2019, Praha

Something of a noir set in modern-day Moscow, this is an understated film that has been described as somber, grim--and remorseless. As the film follows a mismatched marriage and the children that are associated with it, a deeper picture of class resentment and the haves and have-nots of Russian society appears. …(more)

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Lidovka na Salé: Plněný bramborový knedlíky (na novej projektor)

2. 11. 2019, Praha

Bramborový knedlíky plněný směsí s uzeným tofu, se zelím bílým i červeným/špenátem a posypané cibulkou s robi. Polívečka a dezert. A za to všechno se složíme na novej projektor. …(more)

8. Anarchistický festival knihy

16. 5. 2020, Praha

TBA you can contact us! …(more)