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Existence 1/2022

Existence 1/2022: Despite the invasion

We wanted to dedicate this issue of Existence originally to the situation in Belarus and how its dictatorial regime is crushing the anarchist movement. Eventually, current events caught up with us when Putin launched his imperial invasion of Ukraine. We felt the need to… (more)

Existence 2/2021

Existence 2/2021: Paris Commune

This year’s first issue of Existence has been dedicated to 100th anniversary of the death of the anarchist thinker Petr Kropotkin, and the second one is of a historical nature as well – this time we’ve focused on the Paris Commune, as it… (more)


Existence 1/2020

Originally we planned to publish two issues of our anarchist magazine Existence this year. We faced another situation right at the beginning of the spring though: the global Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions it entailed. Many planned public events had to be canceled then… (more)

Existence 2/2019

Existence 2/2019

We dedicate this edition of the anarchist revue Existence to the theme of house projects. We know this is not a revolutionary theme. But we are living our lives here and now so we are left with no other options but to search for… (more)


A Call for Solidarity Actions February 22-29

We must not forget the anarchists and anti-fascists suffering repression in Russia! We are calling for people to take action of all forms to express support for these prisoners, to protest the prison system, and to spread information about the use of torture as… (more)


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Klima a film: Kreativní resistence - historie britského antidálničního hnutí a Reclaim the Streets

2. 11. 2022, Brno, Praha

Kořeny hnutí za klimatickou spravedlnost ve filmu - Reclaim the streets …(more)

Klima a film: Alterglobalizační hnutí od Seattlu přes Janov až do Prahy

16. 11. 2022, Brno, Praha

Kořeny hnutí za klimatickou spravedlnost ve filmu - This is what democracy looks like …(more)

Klima a film: Kodaňské trauma a změna strategie

30. 11. 2022, Brno, Praha

Kořeny hnutí za klimatickou spravedlnost ve filmu - Just do it! …(more)