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Let's clear the skies over Ukraine!

We have launched a new international fundraising campaign to help Ukrainian anti-fascists. Locally manufactured EWS systems will protect them from the widespread and deadly threat of Russian drones.


We continue to support anti-authoritarians in Ukraine by taking part in another solidarity campaign. This time several collectives – the local Solidarity Collectives, Radical Aid Force, Good Night Imperial Pride and ourselves - are joining forces to ensure that the various anti-fascist groups defending Ukraine are protected from the increasingly widespread threat of attack drones.

The occupiers have recently expanded their arsenal and the situation for comrades on the frontline has deteriorated considerably. Moving near the lines and evacuating the wounded has become much more dangerous, as has rotating positions. Drones are ubiquitous, capable of carrying and accurately dropping explosives, or aiming deadly artillery fire. People are almost defenceless against them. With your help, we can change that.

We have launched an international fundraiser of anti-drone systems (so-called EWS, electronic warfare systems) and detectors. For anti-fascists in the struggle, this is now as indispensable a piece of equipment as a combat tourniquet in a first-aid kit or a helmet.

Our goal is € 9,400. This will cover:
- An anti-drone system for a field medic (€ 2940)
- Two EWS systems for allied mortar and sniper groups (€ 5140)
- Components for a reconnaissance team to build their own equipment (€ 725)
- 12 Vanільний цукор drone detectors for various groups (€ 595)

It's a lot of money, but we're in this together - and driven by the fact that we're not going to let our buddies down and put their lives at risk. Besides, this is not uncharted territory - GNIP has already purchased three similar systems for field medics, infantry and scouts at a total cost of € 6184.

Cash donations can be made to the cash box in the infoshop Trhlina (Jaromírova 9, Prague-Nusle, open Thursdays and Sundays 3-9.30 PM), we will keep you informed about other locations. Would you like to ask a question, start a cooperation, organise a fundraising or information event? Please contact us at

Thank you for your support and sharing!



International euro account:
Recipient: Solidarity Collectives
IBAN: UA173052990000026001046236078
Adress of the recipient: (House number) 12, (Street) Petra Nishchynskoho, (City) Kyiv, (ZIP code) 03049, Ukraine, (Appartment/postbox) Apt. 12.

Other ways:
Account at the Ukrainian Monobank (with Google Pay etc. options):
The Ukrainian credit card: 5375 4112 1437 9922

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