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Day of Solidarity

Report about day of soli-actions against torture of Russian anarchists

On the same day presidential election spectacle took place in Russia activists gathered in Prague and Brno in reaction on the recent call for actions in solidarity with Russian anarchists, who face harsh repressions, fake accusations and torture from the Putin’s nationalistic and authoritarian state.

Action organized by AF-Praha was smaller, but occupied place right beside the line of people waiting in front of the polling place in freezing weather. Group of demonstrators had “Stop FSB – prisoners to the streets / Стоп пыткам” transparent, table with info materials about specific cases and photos.

Some voters ignored the protest, some discussed, other showed interest and read materials about the case and some even showed their support. There have also been some swearing voters, accusing the protesters of “being paid by someone”. Especially tragicomic have been conversations with people, who labeled Russia “perfectly free country” or even “the most democratic country in the world”.

Circa 30 people gathered in front of the Russian consulate in Brno, on protest organized by the Empty thrones group, United collective and some other sympathizing individuals. Several speeches about repression in Russia and about anarchist ideals generally took place and materials about cases of prosecuted anarchists have been distributed to the voters. Some of the passers-by supported the protest by signing the open-letter addressed to the political and official representatives of Czech Republic and Russia. What's going on was clear not just because from the pickets with various anarchist and anti-Putin slogans, but also from the music being played, which consisted of songs by the bands such as Moscow Death Brigade, What We Feel or Brigadir.

Another solidarity action has been publishing the info about the repression in the Modrý trpaslík club in city Česká Třebová. 

Lot of soli-actions took place worldwide – for example in Berlin, Bern, Sydney, Barcelona, Hamburg, Greifswald, Minsk, Brest, in Stockholm, Leipzig or Helsinki, where about 50 people gathered in front of the Russian embassy with black flags, banners and pickets.

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