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Spontaneous protest against racism

On Saturday 5th of December, there was another action in the city of Pardubice organized by neo-nazis. The action was masquerade as a reverence action, but in fact it was rather propagation of racist ideology and anti-Romani pogroms. (Romani people are also pejoratively called gypsies)

Seventeen years ago, local nazi-skinheads got drunk and tried to attack a Romani house in the city of Pardubice. But racists were very surprised when they heard shooting. So far the nazis were accustomed that their victims did not defend themselves. Sixteen years old nazi-skinhead Daniel Hejdanek fell to the ground shot dead.

If the Romani did not fiercely defend themselves, we could have organized a commemoration action for another dead Romani on Saturday the 5th, instead of the defending the city from Nazis.
Very interesting thing was the reaction of police seventeen years ago, when they use special police unit when entering the Romani house, what is a very non-standard method.
The same police which was disguising murders with racial overtones during the nineties. Police, who is still very sluggishly taking actions against racist pogroms attempts, and from time to time remember the old days.

These facts did not let calm about forty local antifascists, who decided to oppose the neo-nazis on Saturday.

Unfortunately, place of our meeting was suddenly discovered by police. They arrested us and discouraged the other arriving people from any activity. Even so, group of fifteen people managed to escaped and hang out the anti-nazi banner on the bridge above the main road and route of nazi march.

Cops, who probably really like watching American action movies, dramatized the situation again. Once they saw a group of activists on the bridge, the driver slammed on the brakes and shouted: "Take them," everyone jumped out and left the car alone in the middle of highway. Nothing no use, all antifascists quickly moved into the shopping centre and get lost in the crowd.
We would like to thank all who supported the spontaneous protest.
We are looking forward to further cooperation!


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