Anarchistická federace

Sczeczin: Fight for freedom!

Anarchist federation Sczeczin /Poland/ is planning a demonstration in their town:

We would like to invite everyone who is interested in
fighting for freedom, direct democracy and human
dignity ; against authorhity, poverty and capitalism;
to join our demonstration on 14.12.02. This demo is
going to remind of the events of December 1970, when
were fighting against communist regime. We have done
such an anniverserary a year ago and we want to
this action, because the sitiuation in our country
generally all over the world ) is getting worse, the
unemployment is still high and - most importantly -
this year the shipyard in our city has broken down and
of people have lost their jobs. We are also planning a
party, films etc. We have places to sleep for guests,
so you're welcome. More infos soon, if you are
interested to come and participate in this demo -
write to:
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